Why Teachers Deserve the Longer Holidays They Get

In the grander scheme of things, teachers’ holidays don’t really go down as being longer than those of pretty much every other working professional, contrary to what it appears to be like.  Sure, when we look at it at face value, from the point of view of time, teachers are indeed given longer holidays which seemingly coincide with the school holidays children enjoy.

They definitely deserve all the time off they get though because being a teacher is one of the most thankless jobs in the world, not to mention just how much effort it takes just to ensure that things run along as smoothly as they can. Think about it this way – when your children are over for the school holidays and you have to take it upon yourself as a parent to look after them on more of a full-time basis, just how exhausting is it?

Now consider that you probably only have to look after one or two kids, depending on how many of them you have of course, whereas a teacher has to look after an entire classroom of them, all day, every school day! It’s every bit as exhausting as is suggested by the big numbers some classes can have.

So based on that alone, teachers definitely deserve all the time off they get, but that’s not the big and small of it though. For all the time that teachers seemingly have off, a lot of that time is spent engaged in work-related activities, whether it’s the marking of papers, assignments or completing any other forms of grading, or indeed if it’s mapping out lesson plans and the likes.

It takes a whole lot more than just a technical approach though because as you will have noticed with your own children, kids have different personalities and sometimes it takes a little bit of a modified approach on the part of teachers to be able to get through to each of their learners.

On the organisational side of things teachers formulate special bonds with each of their students, however it may seem when they’re in action and are constantly having to deal with the daily dynamics of classroom life. Unfortunately that special bond is limited in its development with regards to the potential it has, mostly because of time constraints.

If they really had the time and resources, teachers would probably try and source unique birthday gifts for each of their learners when their special day comes around, but they rather have to settle for the birthday cake the learner herself brings to school and the singing of “happy birthday.” The connection runs that deep…

So, because teachers play a much bigger role in the lives of the scholars they teach than what meets the eye, going over and beyond their normal working hours (which are already insane) to make sure they do the best they can, they in actual fact deserve longer holidays than those which they seemingly have right now. The job of a teacher is never done!