Why Children Vape

Electronic cigarettes are fast growing popular and have been projected to outgrow traditional cigarettes in the next 5-10 years. Since they are considered less toxic as compared to smoking, many people are dropping smoking for vaping. Statistics indicate that the number of people adopting vaping is increasing, so is the number of children that vape. Although vaping is 95% less toxic than smoking, it has certain effects to the health of the user, especially if they are young in age. This site is very valuable in helping people understand.  The question that trouble most parents is why children and getting into vaping. Children have various reasons for vaping; some do it to fit in, others are driven into it by psychological elements.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of the major factors that drive children into smoking, smoking and flavored e-juices are considered trendy by young people. Several young people are taking part in vaping for the sheer fact that it is trendy. More young people get into vaping as a means of fitting in with their peers. This cycle continues resulting in more children vaping.

Emulating Parents

Children tend to copy what their parents do most of the time. When a child sees their parents vaping therefore, they are likely to grow curious about it. This gives them the motivation to try vaping, which subsequently gets them hooked on nicotine. A majority of children also believe that whatever their parents do is right. They will therefore engage in vaping, convinced that there is nothing wrong about it.

To Raise their Spirits

Psychological factors are among the major causes of drug abuse among children and teenagers. Whenever the children feel psychologically stressed, they turn to various types of drugs in a bid to escape he problem or raise their spirits and emotions. Electronic cigarettes are usually an available alternative and they get into vaping to escape their problems. This ultimately grows into an addiction.

An incident or two of vaping by your child is not very harmful. If it grows into a habit however, you need to get concerned as vaping compromises health. The nicotine contained in the vaping juices have bad effects on the health of the heart. It narrows the blood vessels, making it hard for blood to flow efficiently. To cater for the narrowed blood vessels, the heart has to work extra hard to push blood through them. The heart is as a result overworked, a situation that leads to poor cardiac health. For your kid, this might cause high blood pressure and several other complications.

Getting your child to stop vaping can be tricky if you are oblivious of their reason for doing it. It is for this that you need to establish the cause of their vaping. Find out if they are doing it for fun, peer pressure or if they are psychologically disturbed. With this information, you can plan on how to discuss with them the effects of vaping and advise them on quitting. Be friendly while talking to them or seek the services of a professional counselor.