Tips for Organizing the Family Bathroom

Yeah, having children is all fun and games until they start using the bathroom all by themselves. Let me tell you right away, it is tough out there. Why? Because now, the real chore begins. Even though they no longer want (nor need) your help – they do: “Sure mommy, I can take a pee-pee all by myself, but I cannot climb the toilet, and why is that sink so high?” So, in order to save both yourself and your children from any more trouble – here is how to organize your new child-proof bathroom.


Floors should be one thing – non-slip. This is why you should opt for tiles that are rough and small, or even anti-slip ones to prevent your little one from falling down and hurting themself. Also, if your child still isn’t walking steadily, make sure you also incorporate a non-slip mat and that you wipe the floor each time someone finishes showering.


You are probably familiar with the fact that our skin is much thicker than children’s skin. So what you need to do is protect their thin skin against hot water, and you will do that by incorporating safe fittings to your bathtub, bidet and sink. Select valves that have scald protection so that their hands are protected, and select thermostat fittings that can only reach a certain (safe) water temperature.


Your bathroom ceramics shouldn’t be pointy, but rather round. Avoid sharp corners that may hurt your child, and make sure your mirrors as well as other glass areas are well-secured. Also, you might want to consider invisible drawer handles and lockable cupboards to prevent your child from possibly grabbing a pair of nail scissors or some chemical product (this goes for those who don’t have any other place to keep chemicals out of their child’s sight and reach).


If you aren’t among those who are blessed with a spacious bathroom, make sure it is decluttered all the time. On the other hand, if your bathroom is spacious, plan your bathtubs and showers to be as large as possible. This will allow several little ones to shower or bathe at the same time.


Let’s be honest on this one – bathroom items are usually made having only adults in mind, and they are not easy for those tiny hands to use. So when you go bathroom furniture shopping, try to look with children’s eyes. Opt for shower doors that are easy to open, install hooks rather than towel holders, find a toilet flush that is easy for their small fingers to use, and invest in a shower caddy that is solid because it is a safe and tidy solution for shampoo bottles.


Look at your bathroom with your child’s eyes and height. You need to help him reach the wash basin by installing a sturdy step-ladder in front of it. You also need to make your storage easily accessible –approximately 1 meter high. Next, note that children love seeing themselves in the mirror, so make sure your mirror is at appropriate height. Make sure your shower head has an adjustable height, so it fits all family members. Besides, if you intend to hire a company for water heater installation services, you could always request that the professionals install the switch of your water heater to a level that your children can also reach. However, make sure that the switch area is completely dry and that the shower water does not reach it; otherwise, it could be dangerous not only for your children but for anyone who uses a water heater to take a bath.

Fun bathing

It is not all just about safety. Try making the bathroom a fun experience for your child. Let him put his plastic toys into the bath tub when it is bath time, invest in fun and colorful accessories and educational bath toys , have fun with colors and maybe even get some wall decoration with cartoon characters to liven up the space a little bit and make it even more interesting for your child. They will love it.

Keep trash in mind

Don’t overcrowd your bathroom with unnecessary stuff. Make cleaning and tidying up easier for yourself. This means only one thing: investing in quality storage items.

The child-friendly bathroom checklist

You’ve probably realized by now that your main goal is safety. Comfort comes second – but shouldn’t in any case be neglected. This means big and comfortable bath tubs with no-slip mats which will make it easier for them to wash themselves, slip-resistant surfaces, rounded corners, pedestals, and water temperature monitoring devices.

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom can be a pretty dangerous place for your children. And when the time comes when you are no longer desirable in there with them, you have to do your best to protect them. And if your little one still manages to hurt themself after all these tips you’ve followed – don’t despair, because you will wake up and realize you just had a bad dream.