The Utility Entrepreneur’s Conundrum

Entrepreneurs are a cut above the rest because of their ability so spot opportunities where people generally see problems, which is why sometimes they’re referred to as visionaries who provide solutions to problems the market didn’t even know it had and needed solutions for.

These says however, with the flood of get-rich-quick schemes disguised in all manner of different business or income-generation opportunities, the market has become sceptical of even the most legitimate of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur is after all exactly that because of their minimalist approach to matching a certain solution to the problem it addresses, so their use of existing tools and utilities has always existed. The utilities entrepreneur therefore faces a conundrum which has them having to find ways to explain to their prospects exactly why they need to trust them and deploy the utility being presented as a solution to the problem faced.

The justification for the existence of a general scepticism

I’ve already mentioned the myriad of get-rich-quick schemes which are nothing more than a perpetuation of some kind of pyramid structure through which only the originators of these opportunities really make any good money, but that’s exactly what justifies the general scepticism which exists. The only problem now is that this scepticism permeates areas where it doesn’t belong, such as the operations of an entrepreneur who genuinely has some tangible solutions to solve a certain problem.

Don’t be ashamed of trying to make a sale

As part of addressing this conundrum, approach it head-on. If you have a genuine product or service available as a utility which solves a specific problem, don’t be afraid to try and close out the sale. In any case, those phony entrepreneurs who sell nonsense to people via cleverly worded sales copy still manage to sell that nonsense, so in addition to this being an indication that there is indeed a buying market, it indicates that there is a buying market crying out for some real solutions to real problems.

Your reputation will take care of itself, but don’t be afraid to sell.

The best way to ease prospective buyers’ concerns

The biggest concern which hits the typical utilities entrepreneur is the inevitable question of why, if that utility they have for sale works so well, they are selling it instead of just using it for themselves. A genuine concern nevertheless, but one which perhaps suggests to you the niches and markets you should avoid and which ones to pursue.

Making your case with existing examples

So basically this means that one should stay away from selling utilities that they claim will make the buyers some money, especially if it’s a lot of money. Instead, focus on using real-world examples of tools and utilities that serve a specific, unmistakable purpose in a specific market, such as how City Property Management provides HOA management services to Arizona communities. How on earth could anyone possibly turn around and ask the company why it doesn’t use its own HOA management service to manage properties instead of providing it to others?

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