The Challenging Task of Teaching Value

Make no mistake about it, I am personally very proud of the work we’re doing as part of our drive to change the way education is delivered, but there are times when our method of teaching comes under some really tough scrutiny. Lots and lots of criticism is levied upon us and it can be really hard to try and counteract that criticism with some pointers that continue to justify our otherwise forward-thinking method of teaching.

One such particularly challenging task is that of making parents and regulatory bodies alike understand our approach. A good example of this is when we were quite pointedly called out on one of the course modules simply entitled “Value”!

“Just what subject is ‘Value’?” was a question we had a challenging time answering, so we decided to invite the parents who had concerns over the subject matter to attend just one class as a means through which to put their minds at ease. Needless to say we did a stellar job and it’s really all about conveying the truth of the matter and not about getting them to sing our praises just so that they can keep paying the tuition fees. We were able to demonstrate to the parents, including those who served on the regulatory body, just exactly what our teaching methods are all about, which is imparting value.

Not only that, we seek to equip our learners with the complete set of skills to allow them to be able to create value out of any situation they find themselves in, in the practical world.

About 20 minutes into the class it would have appeared as if we were only making matters worse since the parents who were taking the Value class were made to engage in some activities which seemed to be quite a bit of fun. Ordinarily there’s nothing wrong with that, but perhaps there is when you’re trying to demonstrate to the subjects that what they’re engaging in and paying for is of the value they were made to believe it is.

Now I’d love to take some of the credit for the stroke of genius delivered by the content matter of the class, but I’m merely a conduit of a very well-designed curriculum along with my colleagues.

So we merely took the parents through a series of practical and engaging tasks which were related to real-world, practical matters, one of which matters involved legal issues. Being at the stage in life where they are, naturally most if not all of the parents could relate to issues such as the heavy costs ordinarily associated with legal fees, especially uncommon ones such as personal injury law.

The Johnston Law Firm, LLC made for the subject of our case study as a real-world example of a law firm which offers free consultation, but that was brought together with a host of other clever lessons in strategic thinking and planning to eventually bring one’s indicative living costs down by up to 70%. Lessons in budgeting, mathematics (of course) and even a bit of biology (medical issues) were rather well received when the parents realised that they’d actually learned a whole lot by the end of the session, all while having a bit of hands-on fun.