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Why cleanliness is ruining kids’ health

Put the handwash down. Exposure to some microbes can help immunity and prevent allergies, say leading scientists

Computer games ‘benefit children’, study finds

Children who play video games in moderation are more sociable, less aggressive, have fewer emotional problems and do better at school than their peers, Oxford University research

Children mourn the death of boardgames

Board games such as snakes and ladders, ludo and chess are falling out of favour because children are too busy playing with technology, according to a study.

Schoolgirl devises computer game to help detect dyslexia

A schoolgirl’s idea to use computer games to screen children for dyslexia has won the support of entrepreneurs and a leading charity.

Schools ‘should use video games in class’

Games industry guru says we could all learn from Angry Birds

Inside the school that saves damaged and neglected children

As a young boy, Josh was left to scavenge for food while his parents partied. By the time he was adopted, he had become violent. That’s when

We can’t hide from the dark side of adoption

Many children are so traumatised by the time they are placed with a family that it’s difficult to repair the damage

Thousands of depressed children unable to get help

Thousands of children with depression, anxiety and eating disorders are being denied treatment because of a lack of urgency by ministers to address a crisis in mental