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Will.i.am Shakespeare? Pupils get in groove with rap revision

Seeing a teenager with headphones over their ears while they are supposed to be studying is enough to infuriate most parents. Now it turns out pupils really

Biology GCSE makes a monkey out of pupils

Students complaining about bizarre or unfathomable questions have become a staple of the exam season, and a biology GCSE paper sat yesterday did not disappoint.

Pupils abandon arts for traditional subjects

The number of teenagers studying performing arts and creative courses at school has plunged amid a switch to traditional academic subjects prompted by government policy changes.

Are arts and humanities still worth pursuing?

For some fields student satisfaction and salary prospects are down, but it’s not always the case

Glasgow art school accused of putting growth over education

Students at the Glasgow School of Art are to demonstrate tomorrow over the way it is being run, accusing it of acting like a financial services institution.

Schools must give more bang for their buck

Amid a squeeze on public spending, it’s vital that teachers get even more value for money from their generous budgets

Schools break law by excluding autistic pupils

Nearly half of children with autism in England have been illegally excluded from schools that struggle to meet their needs, a charity has said.

Pupils aged 4 to learn about online dangers

Children as young as four will be taught about sex and relationships as well as the dangers of the internet.

Before you choose your child’s secondary school, read this

The education specialists’ advice on what you should be looking for on open evenings

What you can do to keep your kids reading

Many parents have fond memories of their children hanging on to every word of a bedtime story.