How to write your first Resume

Young people, with no work experience, are often forced to change their place of residence, to emigrate to work in their learned profession.

Are you going to work in USA, Canada, Australia or the UK? Check if your profession is deficient. If so, you will get a residence and work permit sooner. The need for professional immigration is not the only problem for young people entering the labour market.  

In order to get a good job, it is necessary to fight in the first stage of recruitment. Whether a candidate moves forward to the next stage depends mainly on whether his or her Resume will interest the employer enough to invite the candidate for an interview. As it is known, university graduates find it more difficult to compete with already experienced candidates, so it is important to maximize their chances and improve every element of their Resume. That said, if you find it quite difficult to create a professional resume, there are a few resume writing services such as ARC Resumes that can assist you. Furthermore, professional help might allow you to gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t when building a resume. However, this might not be a viable option for many. If you belong to the said category, read the following tips:

So how to write a Resume without professional experience?

In your Resume add a link to the LinkedIn portal, where you publish your photo, youth is an additional advantage. According to the administrators of the Linkedin professional service, people who published their photo in their professional profiles have more inquiries about professional cooperation than people who did not publish their photo.  Employers appreciate more the candidates who have nothing to hide, and the publishing of a photo is the best example of this.

Add a summary section right under the phone number and email address. Don’t make it boring, in 3 sentences, list your strongest points, refer to your strengths, such as soft skills, education, describe your attitude to work as committed, hardworking, reliable, etc.. For more tips on how to write your first Resume, visit –

The next section is skills. Before you start making a list of your skills, read the job offer again. Match up, find the right skills for your job offer, use similar vocabulary to make both sides understand each other.

Education, people with no experience can give topics for their theses in addition to the list of completed schools and diplomas. Completed courses and training, everything that corresponds to what you want to do should be included in your Resume.

There is probably a place in your Resume for the interests section. Give two or three points of your interests, present them in an interesting way and they will be definitely noticed by your employer. It is ideal if your hobbies are related to your future career.

What else can you do to increase your chances for successful recruitment? Write a Cover letter, how to write a good Cover letter, good examples available here –