How to Travel to The Best National Parks in the UK

UK has pristine beauty spread around its length and breadth. There are pristine national parks with picturesque locations and breathtaking scenery. These national parks are not just great for sightseeing but also provide you an opportunity to engage in wild camping, fishing, and adventure biking. In this post, we will talk about the best national parks in the UK and how you can visit them at discounted prices with a student bus pass.

Which UK national parks to visit?

The UK has many national parks that can make you feel great and help you connect with nature. The first among these is the Dartmoor National Park. The park is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and many countryside villages that serve delicious creamy teas.

Another amazing national park to see is the Lake District National Park. It is vast, beautiful, and serene. The Lake District has 16 major lakes which are used for adventure sports activities like canoeing and sailing. You can also enjoy fishing, swimming, and cycling coast to coast in this park.

Broads National Park is like poetry coming to life. This park is so beautiful that you will spend your time clicking pictures of its beautiful landscape during your visit. There is a plethora of flora and fauna in this national park which can be spotted while trekking or riding the first solar powered passenger boat in Britain- Ra. You can also enjoy windsurfing and climbing in this park.

Finally, there is the Cairngorms National Park, which boats of being the largest park in the UK. With 47% of its area covered in wild forests, this park can help you reconnect with nature. This park is the best way to enjoy some time with the wonders of nature in Britain.

How to reach the parks?

The parks are located far from each other. As a student, it could be difficult for you to map these distances. Taxi fares are too high and you don’t want to spend all your allowance on getting to and from a national park. However, there is no need to worry. All you will need is a student bus pass. This special pass by Stagecoach provides you the benefit of discounted travel across Britain. You just need to show your ID card and take this prepaid card along on every journey. The national parks are very well connected with public transport. So just find the bus that leads you to your favorite park and leave the rest to the bus pass.

This prepaid card provides you endless travel in a pre-selected zone. Take one trip to the park or ten, you will not be charged anything extra. Just make sure that you carry your pass along. Bus travel has never been so exciting and so hassle free. With this pass, you save yourself from the headache of finding exact change or even riding taxis. The bus pass can make your life easier. Whether you travel daily by bus or want to tour the city, this card is necessary.