How to keep your classroom organised and productive

When you work with students on a day-to-day basis (especially primary students) it can get rather messy pretty quick.

There are many solutions to this problem that encourage students to clean up after themselves in a way that keeps the space tidy and organised.

You can use labelled drawers, cubby holes and personalised areas to encourage students to respect the space, but another great way to encourage productive behaviour in the classroom is with the use of display boards.

What is great about display boards?

By putting together creative and interactive display boards you enable students to learn in a creative way and develop techniques that will be very useful in their future lives.

They will also feel inspired during classes when the environment around them is simulative and well thought out.

Getting your students involved in aspects of the display boards can help them feel valued and make them want to work harder. You may use word mats, fact cards, posters or resource packs to build inspirational and informative displays for your classroom.

Did You Say Award Boards?

Why not make a space for an awards board. This way a student can visualise their progress and compete for small awards such as certificates or medals.

This encourages motivation and urges students to work harder so they can retrieve awards to show off to their friends and family.

There are many other resources you can use for your classroom. Teachit Primary is a resource centre where teachers share resources to help each other do they best job they can.