How to dress your baby for fall?

Babies’ bodies are hardly able to regulate their temperatures. So, they are more vulnerable during extreme weather conditions such as cold. Therefore, as a parent it’s important that you dress your baby appropriately during fall. Protecting your baby from harsh weather is more than just throwing a baby jacket. Dressing your baby for fall needs a lot of planning, extra time and choosing the right newborn baby clothes. You should also pay special attention to the hand, face and feet. Here is a clear guide on how to dress your baby for fall.

How to Dress a Baby for the Cold

As a parent, it’s your duty to protect your baby from any harm including cold weather. You have to make sure your child is bundled up well, but not overheating. These tips will help:

1. Work with layers

The best way to keep your baby warm is by layering your baby’s clothing. The layers help trap heat, which keeps your child warm enough. You can work with layers of several thin clothes. You can start off with a sleeper onesie and add more clothes as needed. Maybe throw in a long sleeved shorts or a snowsuit.

2. Go for lightweight breathable materials

The first thing you should reach for is breathable materials. As much as you are protecting your child from the cold, it’s easy for them to get overheated. Babies get warm quickly and you don’t want to overheat them. Stick to soft cotton newborn baby clothes since they are light and warm at the same time.

3. Purchase the must-have pieces

Apart from the usual baby clothes, be sure to buy other clothing pieces such as bodysuits, sleep suits and hats. These pieces add extra warmth especially with the colder temperatures. Here are some few pieces you should have as a parent:

• Hats-they help frame your little baby’s face as they keep the head warm. Hats with chin straps are good because hey accentuate the chunky cheeks while preventing the hat from falling off. Invest in hats and if possible, little scarfs to tie around the baby’s neck.

• Jackets-one of the greatest trends to hit the baby fashion world is the Sherpa jackets. Wearing these jackets is just like walking around in a cosy bed. Jackets will keep your baby warm as they also give the little one a great look.

• Rain boots-these are the cutest baby shoes ever! You can have your baby wear rain boots and some socks. Thus, your baby’s legs will remain warm and you won’t have to worry about anything even if they walk on cold ground.

4. Don’t forget to cover up

Ensure that you cover your baby completely from head-to-toe. If need be, throw in mittens, little gloves, thick socks, snow boots and a warm hat. If you’re headed out for a walk or drive, don’t forget blankets. Use a small warm blanket to cover your baby whenever you’re outside to keep out the external elements.

So there it is, I hope all these tips help you keep your baby warm during fall. Just remember, there is nothing like bad weather, it’s dressing poorly for the weather. If you follow these tips, be sure that your baby will stay warm and perfectly healthy.