How To Deal With Social Stigmas As A Single Father

Single fathers are faced with a stigma when raising kids – one that can make parenthood feel nearly impossible.

People may watch with judgment as the dad escorts his young daughter into the men’s room. Birthday parties become a socially awkward situation, with no clique to sit with as the mothers share gossip. Questions come up about the location of the child’s mother. Dating becomes complicated, with fathers feeling the need to explain the situation.

These are issues that millions are faced with. It is these unfortunate situations and associations many fathers are trying to break away from.

Facing Playground Politics

There is a lack of confidence a single dad feels as he escorts his children to school in the mornings. As the family visits the park or attends school events together, the notion that a dad has to make friends with other parents becomes an issue.

Watching the mothers converse and make play dates with their children can make single dads can feel left out. The child can also feel left out from these groups and meetings with peers.

Not Alone

With the number of single fathers growing, shedding the stereotypes is more important than ever. In the United States, the number of single fathers is around one in 45.

Aside from the struggles of being a man, these parents face the same issues as single mothers. There are still financial struggles in one income homes. There are issues with scheduling and balancing school and activities with work. Chores around the house become problematic with only one adult to do the work. Keeping up with everything and finding necessary help is common strains that are faced by single fathers.

Building Confidence

Confidence is a large factor that will affect how a man feels and the example he will set to his children. For men not bold enough to step into the action of parenting conversations, taking steps in the right direction can help. Balding men may consider an ARTAS hair transplant in order to build their spirit.

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more common for men, and this is something that should be taken advantage of. A hair transplant or a neograft in Denver (or somewhere in the vicinity) could greatly increase the confidence for men. Showing the child that stepping out of a comfort zone is normal and positive helps children build the ability to do the same.

Finding Help

Fathers often struggle more than women when it comes to asking for help and advice. Men feel that losing custody is possible if they apply for child support. They worry their role as a man raising children will be used against them. They face a struggle of pride when asking grandparents for help and knowledge.

These fathers need the reminder that they are not alone, and that life will become easier in time. The rewards always pay off in the end.