Guide to Set Up Your First Nursery Room

All the first hold a special place in our hearts, the first love, the first kiss and the first heartbreak, but nothing comes even close to becoming a parent for the first time, the amount of love and excitement one feels at that exact moment is incredible. So naturally, so is the anticipation, you simply want everything to be perfect. But don’t worry when it comes to your little one, a parent can do no wrong. Sill if you feel like you are in need of a bit of guidance, here are some great pieces of advice on how to set up the ideal nursery for your newborn.

Let’s start from the walls

Choosing neutral colours is always a good option, you can, later on, add decorations based on your baby’s gender, or leave everything gender-neutral. It is completely up to you, as long as you use VOC free paint so that the environment is safe for your child. Make sure you paint them well ahead of the arrival so that the paint has time to dry and evaporate. If you’re unsure about painting them yourself, some Texas house painters could do it for you. After all, you going to spend a lot of time there with your child, you should want it done properly and safely.

Next is the crib

The focal point of every nursery is the crib. And so you should devote extra time to finding an ideal one. Check the size you need so that it doesn’t take over your entire nursery but your baby still has room to grow. The best option would be to go with natural materials like wood. Next, come the linens, you can choose some sustainable Bubba Blue sheets and find quality covers and fences. It is important that your baby sleeps in natural materials that are safe for their skin. Finally, add just a few toys in the crib, preferably organic cotton ones.

The changing area

Now the changing area takes a bit more planning. You need to consider the logistics, everything needs to be at arm’s length so that you can change a diaper without taking your eyes off the baby. But don’t worry it is quite easy to solve this issue. First, you need a dresser with some drawers. The first drawer should contain all the necessities from diapers to wet wipes and creams. On top of the dresser, you can mount the changing bed. The proximity of the trash can is also important so that you can get rid of the dirty diapers as quickly as you can. You’ll get a hang of it after the first few tries. It would be wise to paint the wall above the dresser in washable paint or to put some protection on it if you are expecting a boy. Things tend to get a bit wet if you understand what we mean.

The nursing corner

Whether you are breastfeeding your newborn or having to use a formula you need a pleasant tranquil place to do so. It is a special time for bonding with your baby, and you should be as comfortable as possible. So a well light corner of the room, where you can put a comfortable armchair or even a rocking chair. Make sure you can reach everything you need so that you don’t have to disturb the eating process. You can add some additional cushions for comfort as well.

Don’t forget about the tech

No, no don’t go overboard with this. You should have a source for misc, maybe just a pair of speakers you can connect your phone too. Babies love music and it can help soothe them. And a baby monitor is an absolute must so that you can intervene quickly when you hear your little one complaining. Everything else should be eliminated for now. The nursery should be an environment that is healthy and safe for your child to grow in, and too much tech can have an opposite effect.

You are now ready to start preparing your nursery for the baby. Most of the things you get now you can reuse for the second one, but as we said, first have a special meaning, so savour each second of this magical journey. Good luck!