Five ways to give your kids private school standard education at home

In the UK only 7% of the population went or go through the private system, but from this small percentage, 95% go on to get top jobs in media, government, law and medicine. It may appear unfair, it’s certainly disproportionate, but it’s a direct result of the culture that is fostered within the private sector.

Many parents can’t afford the high fees of private education, often equal to an average income for just one child. Below are some of the secrets from inside of these seemingly impenetrable institutions, to help you give your children the chances in life that they deserve, and for a fraction of the price.

1# Get them involved in team sports

All the top private schools have rigorous and active sports programmes. It is well-known that getting kids interested in competitive sports builds their confidence, helps them to interact with a team, and gives them the drive to be a winner. Team sports will give them essential skills for the competitive world that awaits them. You could purchase tickets of various sports via online portals like Stubhub (additional StubHub coupons might help you save money as well!), and take your kids along with you just to begin initiating them into the world of sports and see what they like the most about the games. Once you see them gaining interest into the sports of their choice, you could then enroll them into classes for the same.

2# Hire a private tutor

Elite schools have many selling points, but smaller class sizes is always a major draw for parents. If your kids are at a state school with 30 kids in each class, they may find that their specific needs are overlooked. Many parents are turning to private tutors, as they can provide one-to-one educational focus at a fraction of the price of a private school. Parents are no longer restricted to the local area as many online tutoring platforms now exist. 

3# Talk about news and current affairs

A significant part of the curriculum in a top private school focuses on pastoral care. This can be anything from group discussions, board games and quizzes, to support with everyday life. However, most pastoral masters and teachers will encourage kids to read the papers, watch the news and to keep on top of political and current world affairs. Informed kids come across as well-rounded to their peers and superiors when it’s important. 

4# Get them a life coach

A major part of life at a top school is the building of the child’s character. Kids are encouraged to set personal goals, aspire to greater things and embark on a path of life that will reinforce positive feelings and belief systems. Life coaching for kids can help them frame their lives in a positive way and prepare them for the big wide world. 

5# Set some house rules

Routine and discipline may not be the most fashionable things within modern families these days, but they certainly have a place for those that want their kids to achieve in life. All the finest schools around the world focus on discipline and routine to give kids the stable and safe environment they require to succeed. Polite and reliable people are viewed more favourably in life, and more likely to be a success.

About the authorDavid Bailey-Lauring is a single father of three boys so he knows what it takes to stretch a budget when it comes to family finances! David is a small business entrepreneur and regularly writes about sport, fitness, education and lifestyle in the UK, USA, and Europe.