Exploring the “Big Brother” Industries

Although the career path I chose screams “advocate for radical change,” there are some instances in which I have to admit that old ways can also be right, one of which instances is that of selecting careers if your criteria is taking the safest route possible. While I personally encourage children to get into careers based on where their skills lie and to a certain extent based on their interests, the truth of the matter is that some careers are much safer than others and making it is essentially just a matter of committing to acquiring the knowledge required to be competent in those industries.

I’m afraid these “safe” career choices have largely remained the same through the recent ages, which is why parents tend to want to push their kids to pursue formal qualifications in these specific fields and I guess one can describe them to be “big brother” type industries. These are industries where basically a qualified professional is hired to help you out of a sticky situation as part of the many challenges life poses, and as much as I hate to say it, mostly it’s those situations in which you can’t help but seek this professional help for.

These aren’t listed in any specific order, but I suppose if you really wanted to find some sort of order to the manner in which I’ve listed them you could, starting with the medical field by way of importance.


Medical professionals are like the man-made solution to Mother Nature’s biological rules of the likes of natural selection and survival of the fittest. I mean as much as doctors preach prevention over cure, somehow they still find their hands full with all the patients walking through their doors with all manner of medical issues they want sorted out, many of which could very well have been prevented.


I suppose we could very well have rearranged the order of these fields depending on the parameters with which we measured their importance, with the legal field serving a very important purpose in the governance of even the medical field. I mean that’s precisely the reason for the existence of legal experts such as Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, LLP who specialise in medical malpractice cases amongst many other practice areas. So if you can handle studying all the theory and staying up late at night beyond getting your degree, law is definitely one of those safe, big-brother type careers to consider.


All order of importance should be out the door by now because while one might argue that economics wouldn’t exist without the production of technology in its various forms, these days it’s more like it’s the other way around. Why do you think there are more billionaires from the financial sector than those from the tech sector?


Last but not least, technology in the true sense of its meaning is definitely one of the big brother sectors which provide an opportunities safety net. Show me a programmer, self-taught or otherwise, who doesn’t have any means of generating some or other sort of income!