Educating the Community One Learner at a Time

It makes for quite the depressing motion picture to have to watch over and over again, that of how humanity seems to have stagnated by way of our development. There appears to be a few institutions which we’re all working to build and maintain, mostly inadvertently, and those institutions do nothing but turn around and milk us all for their own benefit.

The education system largely seems to be geared towards just maintaining these institutions while all the subjects are pitted against each other when it comes to the developmental issues that matter most. Think about it – there was a time in history when if one community member of a particular village went into town or elsewhere to get an education, whether academic or in the form of learning a new skill, they’d come back to their community and use their knowledge and skills to empower and improve the community.

Nowadays this isn’t the case anymore. We’ve built up a sort of every-man-for-himself culture where we are made to face some of the biggest problems in our lives as individuals, but when it comes to maintaining the institutions which milk us all and only add to the insane wealth they hold, we tend to come together. Perhaps it’s better to say that we are brought together, because it’s in more of an inadvertent manner that we come together to perpetuate this flow of value into the establishment.

Take something like college debt into account. If the knowledge and skills learned were deployed in the spirit of how positive development as the human race was practiced in the past, the learner who went out to acquire them wouldn’t have to suffer under the burden of that college debt alone because they would deploy their knowledge in their community and the yield thereof would be used to pay off the debt in addition to empowering that community.

There is Still Hope

All’s not lost though and my intention is never to bash people or to be critical when I simply point things out. There’s definitely still hope for the development of humanity to go along in a manner which is fuelled by greater good. I’m not just saying it from a philosophical point of view – you actually see it in everyday scenarios facing the typical man and woman on the street and the typical family, neighbourhood and community structures.

Family law specialists such as Modern Law for example emphasise an approach which seeks to produce a positive outcome for all parties involved when it comes to matters such as divorce. Sure, the marriage didn’t work out, whether or not one or both parties are to blame, but in the spirit of producing a positive outcome that builds the community as opposed to destroying it, the idea is for all parties to walk away as amicably as possible.

It’s all about the bigger picture and it starts with educating learners as early as possible to always seek to do things with the bigger picture in mind, contributing to the development of their community.