E-liquids are healthier alternatives than tobacco smoke – How are they better?

What are e-liquids and how are they used within electronic cigarettes? This is something which most people are confused about. Even the seasoned vapers wonder whether it’s just vapour or there’s something else to it as well. If you too are someone among them who remain confused about e-liquids, you should know that there’s no such mystery about the way in which e-juices are made. In fact, the best part is that the ingredients are all listed on the label and they’re also accredited by the FDA. It has been a rule in the USA and there are several juice makers who have been doing it for several years now.

Majority of the e-liquids have 4 main ingredients but there are variations as well. When you’re aware of the basics, you can easily spot differences very quickly. Before you book your e-juice from V2 UK E-Juice, you should know what you’re going to pour in your e-liquid. It is better to stay aware.


Liquid that is designed for the modern day atomizers all consist of vegetable glycerin or VG and this can be till 80% of the volume. If you’ve been wondering about how electronic cigarettes can produce a wisp of vapour to huge plumes, this is how it is created. As we know, glycerin is a rather natural substance which can be processed from different kinds of fat. The e-liquid glycerin comes from vegetable oils and hence it is called VG. Though these are oils, they are actually not oils. VG is a non-toxic colourless liquid which hasn’t got any smell but has got a sweet taste.


All that is not VG in your liquid is actually propylene glycol which is abbreviated as PG. There are some liquids which consist of more PG than VG and they work in an even better manner when they’re kept in atomisers as they’re much less viscous. PG is almost odourless and it is like alcohol. It has got a sweet taste but that doesn’t mean you can use it as a sweetener. Though it can be added to medicines, foods and other products, still you can’t use it as a sweetener.


One among the best things about vaping is the delicious taste of juices. Liquid doesn’t have any individual taste and hence the additives are added. In case there are any health concerns about vaping, you have to know about those ingredients which are rather safe to eat rather than inhaling like diacetyl.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which e-liquids are a better choice than smoking, you should know what e-liquids are made up of.