Celebrate Advent in the classroom

Advent is part of the Christian calendar that begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Over the years, whilst advent has still held on to its religious roots, it is now celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Advent customs, including the tradition of an advent calendar, are generally used to count the days until Christmas begins and are believed to originate from the invention of advent candles, which are lit every day until Christmas.

Many advent calendars now contain chocolate and are widely enjoyed across the country, but we have got a slightly different way to help you celebrate Christmas in your classroom.

Classroom resource company Teachit have created an advent calendar fit for the classroom to help you have festive fun with a focus.

The downloadable advent calendar contains daily facts, jokes, mini-activities and sounds, perfect for taking part in the tradition of advent whilst having some fun and engaging your students.

The calendar is a great resource that gives the children something to look forward to for each day of December before the Christmas break. It’s also vital for helping to teach the origins of Advent, as students will be naturally curious about how the tradition of advent calendars came about.

Visit Teachit Primary to download your classroom advent calendar, or browse their fantastic range of Christmas resources to add a festive twist to your regular lessons.