When I established this website, my intention was to create a community platform for the people living in our area. One of my aims was to publicize local businesses who supported our work because I wanted to offer my support too. Consequently, at the beginning, all of our ads stemmed from local businesses, however, as our readership grew, I started to receive inquiries from further afield. Within a relatively short time, I was able to make advertising space available to businesses in the education sector, and thanks to our strong content and loyal readership, all of these advertisers benefited considerably from publishing an ad on this website.

While many people work hard at monetizing their blog, our partnerships grew organically, and we continue to try and make valuable advertising space available to businesses in our sector.

Naturally, I had to learn more about the process, and, in particular, how to make online advertising profitable for the parties involved. Having done ample research and learned a lot about the process over the years, I am now in a position to offer like-minded businesses advertising space at competitive rates with a high return on investment.

Providing Valuable Information to Our Readers

Essentially, we make advertising space available to businesses to enhance the content of this site for our readers. Consequently, we do not publish random ads that bear not relation to our work. Both our readers and other advertisers have valued this approach, simply because it maintains the high standard of this site and further strengthens the trust and loyalty of our readers.

For businesses in the education sector, this has been very lucrative. I would like to stress, though, that education covers a wide variety of businesses, including providers of food, sports clothing and equipment, entertainment, educational resources, school supplies, stationery, outdoor activity centers, and a plethora of other services for children, parents, and teachers.

Our Readers

To this date, we have 14’000 unique monthly website visitors, all of whom share an interest in education and kids related stuff. They are a loyal group and trust my choice of advertisers. Many of them may be seeking products and services, and a strong advertisement can bring them to your website and perhaps even to your door.

Simple, Smart Process

You simply start by sending me an email at elizabeth@hayleyandadam.info, outlining your business activity. Once we agree that we are a fit, I will introduce you to the various advertising options. Some advertisers simply publish an ad, while other also include product or service reviews and a social media campaign.

The entire process is one of collaboration, and my aim is to optimize your return on investment in an effort to build a long-lasting partnership. My focus is on reaching your targets and ensuring that your business gains from the ad and my readers have the privilege of getting to know your business.

Our team looks after all the different aspects from designing and placing an ad, right through to providing you with web analysis data. When advertising here, you are in good hands.