Our education center was born out of a love for education and kids. School days shape the lives of children, and the schools, kids attend, contribute greatly to their growth and development. At our center, we like to nurture all kids in an effort to ensure each and every child is given the space, time, and tools to reach their full potential.

We do much more than just educate kids. We help them to become happy and mature beings by providing them with a holistic environment and teaching them not just math, English, and science but also educate them about themselves and their peers.

Because they spend so much time at our center, we try to make it their second home. We would like to think that our education center is a place for learning, love, and happiness.

The Beginnings

I loved school and adored learning, no matter what the subject. As far back as I can remember, I was curious about everything and was continually asking questions. I am sure I drove my parents and teachers crazy with all my questions, however, I did learn a lot. Schoolwork came easy to me, I was bright and soon realized that different children had different abilities. Because all the work posed no difficulty to me, I began to devise plans to help other kids. Some of my friends were less academically inclined and, perhaps because I had nothing better to do, I started finding ways of helping them by simplifying the work we were doing.

Much to my delight, my strategies worked, my friends were able to grasp the concepts better, and I was on my way to becoming a teacher.

Teaching and Our Beloved Center

After teaching in several schools over the course of a few years, I decided to offer kids and parents something a little different. Rather than focussing on academic learning like conventional schools do, I wanted to make an education facility available where kids don’t just learn the regular stuff but also find out about life.

Together with my uncle, I set up our education center for kids of all ages. Here, they can learn and grow on a much more individual basis. We like to take each kid on her/his own merits and help them to reach their full potential.

This Website

We’ve set up this website to provide a point of contact for parents and kids and make great learning resources available. Here, you can find out about our approach to learning and teaching, as well as about the day-to-day running of our center. In our blog, we discuss a variety of subjects, and through the contribution of others, we deliver interesting educational stuff that is a little different and definitely a lot of fun.

This is also a meeting place for parents, teacher, and kids. All issues you may possibly have, are important to us, and if we are not in a position to help you, we will find someone who can. We are delighted to have you on our website, and, perhaps one day, we will meet you at the center.