A Refreshing Approach to Career Guidance

For all the work we do trying to equip learners that pass through our system with a very broad fundamental set of skills that will prepare them for just about any career path they take in life, somewhere along the line we have to re-align our method of facilitating the education we do with the conventional way. After all, when learners eventually get to the stage where they’re applying to get into college, what the colleges look at are some traditional grading channels such as the good old report card.

So we do indeed cover the prescribed curriculum, although we do it in a manner which has us proud of championing this dynamic, outcomes-based method of educating learners. A learner who scores straight-As having come through our system very likely has a lot more to their achievements than one which went through the conventional education system.

We’ve done our bit to stick to conventions where it is explicitly required though and we’re going to come out with it rather boldly and say that it’s perhaps time for those on the other side of the fence to come to the party. After all, we’ve been living in a very dynamic world and that general dynamism has permeated the manner in which we facilitate education a bit too slowly. The effects of that are coming to the fore in a big way currently, with some scary figures associated with young adults who have no career prospects to speak of.

We need to have a different approach to education, a stance which will encompass a refreshing approach to career guidance.

Since getting an education is something which is embarked on with the ultimate aim of producing responsible adults who are economically active, contribute positively to society and are as independent as is required of them, what it boils down to really is working towards a career. It doesn’t have to be a formal career such as waking up early each morning and commuting to an office job, but can take the form of something like running your own business and perhaps employing people so that you not only create jobs for others, but hopefully get to enjoy a bit more time to yourself or to spend with your family.

This can be achieved by taking a bit more of a realistic approach to delivering educational concepts that both scholars and students need to master in order to get the requisite grading for the qualifications they’re pursuing. Taking this to the higher learning phase (college), it would entail something like organic chemistry students being made to explore real life problems, even those which already have solutions, such as the specialised nature of the scorpion control Phoenix pest control service providers have to approach the delivery of their solution to that particular problem.

If there isn’t already a viable solution in existence then why not go all the way as the learning institution and perhaps start a small business right there and then, solving that particular identified problem which falls in line with the content matter of the curriculum?