A Learner Who is Truly Going Places

I don’t think I’m the only one who enjoys and therefore looks forward to those staff meetings where there’s no agenda and we discuss anything and everything that just pops up spontaneously. Some very interesting topics come up, mostly related to glimpses of the genius contained within every learner, but perhaps stifled by the traditional method of instruction. As you’ll know, at the institution I work for we go against tradition almost completely and implement teaching methods that cater to a wider range of ideal learning styles, so we’re bound to uncover some gems every now and then.

It just goes to show that our approach is working with a recently discussed case at one of these anything-goes staff meetings revealing what appears to be the exploits of a child who is really going places. Were it not for the consistency with which this particular learner demonstrated the depth to their entrepreneurial spirit, I and perhaps many other staff members would’ve probably attributed their winning of the entrepreneur of the year award to a shadow figure in their parents or someone else. He set the bar so high for the annual entrepreneurs’ day that the award has now been named after him, but it would be unfair of us to expect any of the other learners to even come close to his particular entrepreneurial genius.

You will not believe what this learner did for his entrepreneurs’ day participation!

So it goes all the way back to the very beginning of the academic year, with the annul entrepreneurs’ day planned well in advance so that learners who want to participate can plan their participation with the help of anybody they can get to help them and with all the resources they can manage to garner. Boy, did this learner take this and run with it!

His uncle is an international property flipper and upon being quizzed about where he got his idea from, this learner says he always sees his uncle relaxing and having a good time and yet he always has a lot of money to spend. So he partnered up with his uncle to solicit investment from only every single learner in the school, beyond his own grade. Each learner contributed just 1 pound of their pocket money every single day, the collections of which had his parents worried one day that he might be dealing drugs or something.

The pocket money was pooled and invested into the uncle’s property business, with a stake shared equally amongst all “investors” and profits only to be taken in about five years time for the first time, when they’re significant. It’s a surprisingly professional operation, with even the likes of Phoenix City Property Management made use of to manage those properties situated in the US, while any and all profits made being reinvested into the growth of the business.

So come entrepreneurs’ day, this learner simply had PowerPoint presentation ready to report on the progress of the project and solicit more investors, some of which were in the mould of the educators!