7 Tips to Raise a Smarter Child

According to child psychologists, language and communication are critical to a child’s intellectual development. There are many things parents can do to enhance their child’s development. Here are a few of them.

1. Cultivate the Love of Learning by Giving them an Early Start

Many people say that learning should start in the crib. We think learning should start in the womb. While still carrying your baby, you can already start reading books to them. Some parents even listen to classical music. Other activities you can do to cultivate learning include:

  • Using rhythm and number games
  • Being responsive
  • Gesturing a lot
  • Singing and talking
  • Encouraging them to solve problems on their own

2. Interact with your Kids

Play and talk to your kids a lot. Give them a lot of attention especially when they’re younger. Make them feel they are loved. Take them with you when you travel. Doing these loving things can help develop their intelligence. Being supportive provides a good foundation and encourages them to learn on their own.

3. Read Books with your Kids

It’s okay to read to your kids during bedtime. However, it’s best to actually read with them. Don’t just let them stare at the photos while you do all the reading. Call their attention. Ask questions. Test whether they actually understood what you read. Better yet, take turns reading. Parents with kids who still can’t read may test their child’s comprehension by asking simple questions. Doing these would build their reading skills.

4. Get Your Kids Involved in Physical Activities

Any physical activity increases blood flow to the brain and builds new brain cells. To make it fun, you can play some simple ball games with your kids at home. Or you can let them do some household chores to help them become responsible adults.

5. Enhance Your Child’s Creativity

Any activity that involves the arts or your child to exercise their creativity is good for them. Start buying them some coloring materials for simple art projects. You can let them make some Christmas photo cards. If possible, visit child’s museums during the weekend for an educational yet fun activity.

6. Teach Them How to Play Music

Research shows that music makes kids smarter. In fact, music is beneficial for both children and adults. What you can do is enroll your toddler in preschool piano classes to help them experience the beauty of music themselves. Piano lessons can enhance creativity, brain development, increased memory power, and a lot of other health benefits. The ability to process auditory signals usually slows down as we age. Besides, students who are motivated to play the piano progress at a much faster rate than unmotivated students. And what can be better if your child can improve his cognitive skills while simply sitting comfortably on wood piano benches and learning new skills. If your child enjoys music or seems excited to play new songs, this is a good indication that they are ready to start learning. It’s not just piano, but you can try any music class that you think they will love. Snare drums are an excellent instrument for your child to learn.

7. Feed Your Child with Healthy Food

Proper nutrition is important to a child’s developing brain. Give them only the right food. Start with a protein-rich diet for mental alertness. Feed them vegetables and fruits for vitamins and minerals. Avoid sugar and junk food like the plague.

The key here is to support your kids all the way. If they love to learn new things, encourage them to spend more time learning. Buy them good books and enroll them in art classes during summer. Also, always let your child explore. Let them do things on their own for them to become independent. Give them your full-out support.