5 ways to unwind after a stressful day

Your boss has chewed you out, you’ve had another argument with your sister, you had a tough time with the kids. We all have stressful daysthat leave us feeling hot-headed and coiled up like a tight spring. When you feel like that, having that one perfect way to unwind can help you restore order and get back to your usual happy self. Here are a few methods worth trying out the next time you feel that stress coming back.

Steep your senses

One of the best ways to relax the body is to engage the senses. Physical and mental stress are one and the same. Ease the pressure on the body and a more relaxed mood can follow. Lighting some incense sticks and taking a nice warm bath can dissolve the tension in your body, which then helps your mind take a break, as well.

Put it to paper

One of the issues with stressful thoughts is that once we have them on our mind, it can be difficult to get them out. However, writing a journal and venting about your stress has been proven as an effective method of giving yourself a little distance from your problems. Once you have them set out in front of you, they’re not constantly occupying your thoughts. If you have a trusted friend you can confide in, talking about your stress can be just as cathartic.

Take your mind off it

A little make-believe can make a big difference, believe it or not. Best paired with that aforementioned bath, take your mind off your stress by playing some hypothetical games in your own head. For instance, you could dream about all the things you could do if you suddenly had more cash than you know what to do with after playing and winning big with the EuroMillions lottery online. This way, you’re occupying your mind with much happier thoughts that push the stressful notions out of the way.

Take a deep breath

Proper breathing technique has been shown to be a hugely effective way of fighting stress and learning how to meditate is one of the best ways to learn how to breathe properly, too. There are tons of meditation apps that help instruct you on how to do it, as well as providing the right atmosphere with calming music or background noise.


Getting your blood pumping is an easy way not only to work off that tension you’re feeling, it also changes the chemistry of the brain. It releases endorphins, helping you feel a rush that lasts well after the exercise ends. It can be something as simple as going for a walk, but the harder you push yourself, the more endorphins your brain releases. What’s more, exercise tends to offer the same sort of quiet time as meditation, allowing you to sort your thoughts in a less stressful environment.

Learning how to manage your stress is important. Stress is bad for the heart and bad for the head, leading to poor decision making, a bad night’s sleep, and even weight gain. Hopefully, the strategies outlined above work for you.