4 Tried-and-True Tips To Make Your Kids Eat Healthier

Children are picky eaters, whether small or big. They have totally different eating habits. If you are a health-conscious mom, you want to convince your kids that junk is bad. But this is not easy. Are you finding it a bit challenging to have your little ones eat well all the time? Check out a few hacks that will get your kids to love milk, vegetables, fruits, and new foods.

  1. Create an eating schedule

Simply make a schedule. Normally, a child should eat after every 3-4 hours. Consider three whole meals, fluids in-between, and at least 2 snacks. By having a concrete meal plan for the day, your baby will eat balanced meals and could stop being fussy! Research indicates that kids who are famished tend to be crankier than kids who are full.

When going out with your kids on a weekend, a personalized save the date template can come in handy. Be sure to pack some yogurt, carrots, lots of water, and whole meals. That way, you will not rely on fast foods. In fact, let the kids eat before leaving the house to reduce their hunger pangs.

  1. Set an example

Are you always on diet or have a habit of picking just any food along the streets? This is where you are going wrong. It’s high time you become your child’s role model. Otherwise, they will think that erratic eating habits and fasting are normal.

Be brutally honest with yourself regarding the food messages you send to your 7-year old. You can trust your body to alert you when you are full or hungry. Then, your little ones will take after you. They will be doing the same things! This should be the first step.

  1. Show them how it’s made

We are not saying that you let your girl (who is in middle school) switch on the cooker. The last thing you want to put your child into is a fire hazard. Instead, involve your young ones in meal preparations. Teach them the importance of thoroughly washing vegetables. They will start to show interest in what they are creating with their mom.

Take the kids to the grocery store. Have them pick the freshest fruits and natural spices. Once they are old enough, introduce them to cutting and mixing salads. Make banana muffins together. Your child will eat them immediately after preparation.

  1. Don’t forget the treats

Occasionally, bring less healthy foods to your home. You don’t need to create a list of ‘forbidden foods’. Forbidden is appealing. Mix healthy cereals with sugary cereals when on a vacation. Treat your children with French fries and meat bites on a Sunday.

The idea is to have fun. Don’t be too serious though. Get creative. The more creative your meals look, the greater the variety of foods your kids will eat. You can even give new foods some silly names and make emoji-like pancakes. Prepare toast with cookie cutters to give them shapes that children adore e.g. hearts, Mickey mouse, and stars.

By now you understand how critical healthy foods are to your toddler. Stop feeling guilty about your child’s diet. Use the above lessons to guide your children in healthy eating.