What makes the schools in UK different from other countries?

We have heard a lot about the education in the UK. Majority of it has been shown in TV shows and movies, but the reality is very different. Every country has a unique education system and it is different for a child going in one school, to make the shift to another school in a different country. We discuss below the factors which set UK education apart from other countries:

The school starts at five or younger

Many schools in the UK start enrolling students who are aged 3. This a semi-formal structure of education and there is no structured learning. The learning begins when the child is five and above. There is a complexity involved due to the range of private and State schools. In state schools, the children leave primary school when they are 11 and in private schools they do at 13. Some children go to the secondary school at 16 while some do at 18.

It is unusual to repeat a year

It is rarely seen in UK schools that a student is repeating a year because of lower grades. While in most countries students who have not received the required grades will have to do the whole year again, but this will rarely happen at schools in the UK. Breaside preparatory schools offer excellent academic education to the students and they pay special attention to every child due to the small class size.

Students study fewer subjects

At schools in the UK, the students get a wider choice of subjects and they study few subjects as compared to the other schools across the world. At the end of A levels, students usually study three to four subjects of their own choice. This allows the students to concentrate on the subject of their interest and excel in them.

There is usually something to do after school

UK schools lay high importance on extracurricular activities and there is always something for the students to do after school. There is after school sports practice or choir practice and students also have the option of gaining an extra qualification in after school classes. The school day ends at the usual time but there are various activities for the students to engage in.

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